DIY:Harley Quinn ♧ Costume {Halloween}

I am obsessed with all of the female characters in the Batman series. Noticed how most of them are strong, sexy, and kick ass women? Yeah, I am totally all over that. Harley Quinn is another interesting and most adored character. I love her playfulness with a side of sex appeal. I decided to simplify her costume a tad, and hopefully this tutorial can inspire you for other characters.


Supplies:{Size Small-Medium}

3/8″ Wide Elastic

¾”-1″ Wide Elastic

1yd. Red Knit

1yd. Black Knit

2yd. Lace Trimming

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1) Gather all of your supplies.

2) Lay your circle skirt pattern onto your fabric. Make sure that the fabric is fold in half, the left side should be a fold and the other three sides are just raw edges.

3) Cut out the inner circle and the outer circle of the pattern.

4) Unfold the whole piece and you will get a large half circle like this.

5) Repeat the same on the black knit.

6) Face them right sides together and sew along the straight sides.

7) Measure out your ¾”-1″ wide elastic around your waist. I recommend taking an 1″-2″ off of that measurement because elastic stretches and you don’t want the skirt to ride down your bum all night long.  Here is a video on how to create a simple skirt step-by-step. The only difference is, you are cutting out half circles instead of full ones.

Harley Quinn-1

8) Double your red and black knit  fabrics and trace our your hand and arms. Be sure to halo it by around 1″ for fit and for seam allowance.

9) Sew all the way around and flip it inside out, and hem the opening.

10) Cut out a piece of lace around 24″X 6″ inches.

11) Fold in half and sew up the raw edge.

12) Add an elastic around the opening that is the measurement of your neck.

13) Cut out two square of red and two of black with the measurements of 7″X7″. Custom Size: The height of your bust and half the width of your bust. Now, face one red piece right side to one black piece and sew one side up. Repeat on the other set.

14) Open the two piece and face them right sides together matching up the colors. Sew all the way around leaving a small opening at the bottom so you can turn it inside out. You do not have to sew this gap up.

15) Cut out a small rectangle and fold in half. Sew the raw side and flip inside out.

16) Now fold the small rectangle over the large bow and sew across.

17) Sew four ribbons on each corner of the bow.

18) Add in other accessories to finish the costume.

Harley Quinn-2

IMG_8906 (2)-1

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  1. Stephanie Keat says:

    Omg this costume is so cute! I love your take on Harley Quinn!

  2. cool! wish i could sew like you =P

  3. Ahh this is so genius! I love love love the way you did this costume, its so much better as a cute skirt and top than walking around in latex! LOL! I wanted to dress up as Harley Quinn for halloween so this is a perfect tutorial! Thanks!! <3

  4. This is perfect! Thank you so much, I love your videos. Harley Quinn has always been my favorite Batman character of all times, thanks a million!

  5. Taneisha Ward says:

    I’m not sure how to exactly but I think this is how you do it lol. I didn’t know what to go as on halloween but this costume is very cute and adorable and would love to go as this. If I don’t win the giveaway than I will just try my best to make it. I hope I win though cause I would really love to go as this and not have to go out and buy one. my youtube channel is Catdemon21 and I am subscribed to your channel.

  6. I left a comment on YT, but that pesky 500 word limit hit me. 😛

    Had to mention the makeup was killer for this look! It really fits the character well.

    Also, you are doing something for Halloween-you’re being creative! Haha, but really, it is good to see you back with DIY for this holiday. I hope your slump is lifting and you feel better soon.

    You could hit up some of the (faux)haunted houses this year; with the weather generally warmer(warmer than here)the hay rides are awesome. Hit up a maze, build scary props to make kids cry when they come by… 😛

    Thank you for the tut-it’s good to see an original design that fits the character well.

  7. ooooh this is so cute! Thanks for sharing this KL
    xoxo Zoe

  8. That’s so adorable!! I love it :3

  9. Cute! Liked on youtube~

  10. I think this looks better than the ones in the Halloween store that everyone will have. Hopefully my attempt will look this good!

  11. This is actually the coolest costume, i love harley quinn so much but this makes her outfit wearable!

  12. Julianna Mejia says:

    Hi, this looks so simple to make, but I’ll probably fail. Anyways it’s an awesome Halloween costume!

  13. So pretty! (o⌒.⌒o) Best diy Harley Quinn costume I’ve seen. If I don’t win this I’ll have to make one myself.

  14. There is the link to where I pinned this. It’s such a cool idea, but sadly I mess up on everything. It looks really great on you though! :)

  15. This is perfect. I love harley Quinn :)

  16. Hi!! umm in a few days at my work there is going to be an event for the kids and families of the YMCA and i would like a costume! I have also never trick or treated before so this would be my first ever or as close to ever trick or treating! oh and HIIII

  17. Joanne Kim says:

    youre giving it away?! yay! im entering

  18. OMG I love Harley Quinn! Thanks so much for sharing this idea and having the contest :) Rock on KL <3

  19. thats so cute. you should make a Dorthey DIY costume :)

  20. amazing as always!

  21. i really love the idea of the harley quinn it’s really cute and thank you for sharing this video and step by step being a inspired fashion designer i really love the work that u do for your self and i just start making for my self by a guy so thank you so…….. much <3 <3 <3

  22. So I pinned it to pinterest, but I don’t get how you’ll know how to get in contact with me for the contest if I win. So I’m commenting, too. :

  23. This is a really cool tutorial, and this is such an awesome website it’s so professional! It looks awesome :)

  24. Hi I love the costume and I really want to have one

  25. jade lahela says:

    I looove this ! Absolutely love♥

  26. This is an awesome diy and i want the coustume its amazing and your skills are like wow i hope i win so i can show off your skills to my friends and make them jelly i watch all your videos and its just fab

  27. Cowondamoon says:

    So cute!!! =D i’ve also adored harley quinn =]

  28. Bonita Chan says:

    Hi :)
    the costume is really cute!!! <3

  29. you are absolutely amazing! I am so impressed with the Harley Quinn video, well I suppose I should say I am stunned. I love the way you work and the way you explain everything so simply for everyone to understand. thank you, honestly. I will forever be your subscriber, follower and liker on any media site you have. I hope you do a meet-n-greet in Phoenix soon.
    p.s. on my mind we are already friends! lol

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    I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.

    Thanks for great information I was looking for this information for my mission.

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