➳DIY: Kitty Ear Turban {Sew Easy}

Hey Sloabies! It’s time for another DIY and I had so much fun making this one!! My ears has been getting quite cold, especially with this short hair cut, and that calls for a cute little headband. I was going to buy a few from great old Forever21, but they all looked the same. So I decided to make these instead! I saw a few cute ones from ASOS a while back, but they were $20!! That, personally to me was just too much.  This cost me $5 to make four, I plan to give two away in February’s monthly box giveaway so keep an eye out on that.  Also, be sure to enter January’s Giveaway since it’s still open until tonight!

IMG_6275-1 Watch Video Tutorial:

—–>Kitty Ears Pattern<—–

Note: When printing out the pattern, be sure to print out on 8.5″ x 11″ paper and to print on on full page. This will give you the correct size of the pattern.


Stretchy Knit Fabric

Needle & Thread

Seed Beads {Optional}

Fabric Shears {Skizzers}

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1) You’ll need stretch knit. Something thick would be great, fleece would work too just make sure to add about an extra inch or two to the length. Cut the knit out to 6″x 20″ Note: The 20″ length could be larger if you have a head full of creativity (big head ^_^” like me), or if you are using fleece.

2) Print out the kitty ears template here.

3) Cut out four ears from the template.

4) Place a piece of interfacing to the ears, and gently iron it on. Interfacing helps stiffens the fabric so it’s easier to sew the ears, and to give it a nice shape.

5) Cut out the ears from the interfacing.

6) Place the ears right sides together and sew around the curve.

7) Flip it inside out, and sew along the edge again to keep the ears flat.

8) On the 6″ X 20″ piece of fabric, find the mid-point of the 20″ length. Measure 2″ outwards from that mid-point and place the ears on those markings.

9) Fold the piece of fabric in half and sew across.

10) Flip it inside out and roll it so that the seam is in the middle where the ears are.

11) Fold in half and sew.

12) Flip it inside out and stitch the ears to the head band.

13) Scrunch the middle to make it look like a turban/whiskers? (optional)

14) Trace around the inner ear of the ears. (optional)

15) Starting beading the inner ears. (optional) Kitty Turban


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  1. This is so adorable! I’m definitely trying this out :)


  2. I definately want to make this!! It’s so cute! Thank you for all your DIY tutorials! ^^

  3. Heeral Patel says:

    If you sell your DIY items, I would definitely buy them! They are so cute! I can’t sow and don’t have a sowing machine either :)

    • Aww thank you! You gotta have some faith, I am sure this is a very easy project to tackle even for beginners! You can do it!

  4. SHEAcat1478 says:

    Can you make more DIY clothing Tutorials. Thanks hun<3